Bzam: Apple Bubba x Strawberry Guava Jet Pack 2x0.5g Infused Pre-Roll Duo (Hybrid)

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You’re in the produce section and all the little fruits start blasting off into space out of nowhere leaving little clouds of apple, strawberry and guava in their trail and no one seems to notice like it’s all perfectly fine and normal and then you wake up in a shopping cart at the other end of the parking lot and wonder if anything is real. Anyway, the BZAM Apple Bubba x Strawberry Guava Jet Pack includes two pre-rolls infused with distillate and botanical terpenes to boost their potency and fruity and sweet flavours.

Apple Bubba (orange pre-roll):
THC 39.5%
CBD <1%

Strawberry Guava (brown pre-roll):
THC 40%
CBD <1%

Contains the equivalent of 4g of dried cannabis