Banana Daze Vape Cartridge By Bzam 0.5g (Hybrid)

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Banana Daze hybrid distillate from BZAM is ripe with earthy, spicy and sweet terpene flavours reminiscent of fresh bananas thanks to natural terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. It's 510 compatible with 1g fill and high THC, and produced through an advanced ethanol extraction process with no added solvents, pigments, fillers or waxes. The cartridges feature No-Burn Technology for exceptional terpene flavour retention and a proprietary ceramic core that smoothly absorbs oil for consistent vaporization and even heating. Told you it was bananas. Wham. Zing. Whoosh. Everything just got better. Compatible with 510 thread devices. Device not included.

THC 752.1mg/g (Total THC 752.1mg/g)

CBD 5.6mg/g (Total CBD 5.6mg/g)

Equivalent to 2.0g of dried cannabis