Bzam: Juicy Jet Pack Magic Mellon/Grape Gas Distillate Infused Pre Rolls 4x0.5g (Hybrid)

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Most things are better when they’re juicy. Raisins? No thanks! Boring secrets? Keep ‘em! Track pants that aren’t pink velour? As if! Nothing compares to the BZAM Juicy Jet Pack, though. Two pre-rolls of Magic Melon and two of Grape Gas, packed with hybrid whole flower and infused with THC distillate and terpenes for extra potency and juicy flavour. Plus, they fit in the pocket of your pink pants if that’s how you roll. But without having to roll. You get it.

Magic Melon 2x0.5g

THC 37.7%   CBD 1%

Grape Gas 2x0.5g

THC 37.1%   CBD <1%