Bzam: Tropical Trip x Lemon Stomper Jet Pack 2x0.5g Infused Pre-Roll Duo (Hybrid)

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Stretch your tasting muscles! Call the backup team to the olfactory! These distillate and terp infused pre-rolls might be small but they’ve got gargantuan flavour. Tropical Trip comes through with barrels of berry, fruity and pineapple notes, then Lemon Stomper steps in with a sweet and sour punch. There hasn’t been this much flavour in something so unassuming since you forgot you cut that jalapeno then touched your eye five hours later. Never forget.

Tropical Trip (orange pre-roll):
THC 35%
CBD <0.6%

Terps: 3.64%

Lemon Stomper (brown pre-roll):
THC 34.9%
CBD <0.8%

Terps: 4.69%

Contains the equivalent of 4g of dried cannabis