Chroma Chronic: Cherry Skunk Bomb 3.5g (Hybrid)

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Cherry bomb and Skunk #3 were the magic combination for Skunk Cherry Bomb.Craft grown in Manitoba this pheno was carefully chosen through a rigorous R&Dprocess. One of the most colourful flowers it has a range of green, blue and purplebuds with red and bright orange pistols.Cherry bomb is a cross from Barney’s using a California Indica (with a skunklineage) and a Hawaiian Sativa landrace. This was then backcrossed with Skunk #3producing the Skunkiest Cherry bomb. Skunk #3 is a legendary cross of super skunkand lends a lot of the colour and clean smoke to this cultivar.Each small batch comes from rooms that contain no more than 400 plants so eachplant gets a lot of individual attention. The grower for this cultivar is very focusedon flush so the final product smokes amazingly. Every bud is finished by hand andcarefully hang dried, and cold cured to maintain the profile until enjoyed.

THC 24.9%

CBD 0%