Coast to Coast Craft Select Pre Rolled Variety Pack By Ahlot 3x0.5g (Indica)

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For a limited time only! Together in one 3 x 0.5g pre-roll multi-pack. Three high THC craft cultivars from some of the top brands in the country – Reef, MSIKU, and Qwest – representing top-shelf cannabis from Canada’s West Coast, East Coast, and First Nations. Each cultivar was thoughtfully curated through blind evaluations by select budtenders and the AHLOT Cannabis Curation Committee.

Coastal Kush By Reef Organic (Indica)

THC 18.8mg/g (Total THC 251.1mg/g)

CBD <0.3mg/g(Total CBD 1.0mg/g)

ICC x Kush Mints 11 By Msiku (Indica)

THC 5.7mg/g (Total THC 250.0mg/g)

CBD <0.5mg/g (Total CBD <0.7mg/g)

Sunset Mac By Quest Reserve (Indica)

THC 9.3mg/g (Total THC 220.0mg/g)

CBD <0.1mg/g (Total CBD 0.5mg/g)