Western Cannabis: Multipack of Madness(2x7g) 14g (Sativa)

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Provides consumers with a tasting pack of two of Western Cannabis’ top strains, Cherry Diesel and Matanuska TF. Western Cannabis’ Cherry Diesel is a sativa dominant strain grown by Joel Campbell. Our Cherry Diesel is a unique cross of Cherry Pie and Sour Diesel. After months in the research and development room, Western Cannabis is pleased to share this aggressive sativa with its strong diesel flavours with a hint of cherries. Matanuska TF lineage is unknown x unknown. Legend has it that this variety was grown in the grasslands of Alaska’s Matanuska Valley. The flowers are a silvery green in appearance because of the thick covering of large trichomes. The buds are medium sized with irregular shape and a light density. The initial aroma of a mild chocolate dessert comes through when you first break open a bud. What follows is a more subtle mint perfume flavour with an earthy taste.

Matanuska Thunder F#*k
Total THC: 27.9% 
Total CBD: <1%
Total Terpenes: 4.0%

Cherry Diesel
Total THC: 25.3%
Total CBD: <1%
Total Terpenes: 1.35%