Craft Select Pre Rolled Strain Variety Pack By Ahlot 3x0.5g (Variety)

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The AHLOT Cannabis Collections: Craft Select pre-roll multi-pack brings together three distinct craft brands and cultivars – all made from whole flower. Boasting high THC potencies with exceptionally flavourful terpene profiles, each cultivar is hang dried, hand trimmed and hand packed.

Powdered Donuts By Safari Flower (Indica)

THC 4.5mg/g (Total THC 207.2mg/g)

CBD <0.5mg/g (Total CBD <0.5mg/g)

RC Dreamzicle By Royal City Cannabis (Sativa)

THC 37.2mg/g (Total THC 171.0mg/g)

CBD <0.3mg/g (Total CBD 0.6mg/g)

Mother of Berries OG By Greenman Acres (Indica)

THC 15.7mg/g (Total THC 192.0mg/g)

CBD <0.5mg/g (Total CBD 0.5mg/g)