Crooked Dory: Lemonatti 28g (Hybrid)

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Discover a citrus-infused delight with Crooked Dory’s Lemonatti flower. This extraordinary strain delivers a burst of lemony goodness that tantalizes the senses from the very first inhale. With its zesty aroma and tangy flavour profile, Lemonatti offers a unique and refreshing experience. Grown with meticulous care and precision, Crooked Dory has cultivated a strain that combines impressive potency with a smooth and uplifting high. The dense and resinous buds boast vibrant hues of green and orange, showcasing the strain’s exceptional quality. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration or a mood-boosting session, Lemonatti from Crooked Dory promises to be an unforgettable cannabis encounter that leaves a trail of citrusy bliss in its wake.

THC 26%

CBD <1%