Good Supply: Pineapple Express Hash Bats Pre Rolled 3x0.5g (Hybrid)

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You don't need to be a rocket scientist to reach orbit, just reach for Pineapple Express Hash Bats and prepare for tropical takeoff. They feature astronomical amounts of mango, citrus and caramel aromas with a powerful payload of high potency hash. Experience the G-forces (ganja-forces, that is) of hash-infused pre-rolls and their 3x 0.5g multi pre-roll format. They're an out-of-this-world pre-roll experience that hits hard. You can throw your boring old pre-rolls out of the airlock now.

THC 78.47mg/g (Total THC 255.06mg/g) 25%

CBD <0.50mg/g (Total CBD 0.65mg/g) <0.9%

Equivalent to 6g of dried cannabis