Highly Dutch Organic: 6-Month Oak Barrel Hash 2g (Indica)

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Highly Dutch Organic’s 6-Month Oak Barrel hash is a premium hash unlike any other. This hash is aged in American Oak barrels for a minimum of 6 months, a process that transforms flavour and enriches terpenes. The barrel’s aroma and flavour lend themselves to the hash, emitting pungent scents of bourbon, oak, and orange peel.  This hash is pressed into uniform dark brown bricks to cure before being packaged. A smooth, soft, and gummy texture make this hash perfectly mailable in your fingertips, with more exquisite aroma unlocked each time it’s torn open.

THC 392mg/g (Total THC 418mg/g)

CBD <1.0mg/g (Total CBD <1.0mg/g)

Equivalent to 8g of dried cannabis