Night Night: Full Spectrum CBN+CBD Oil 30ml (Indica)

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NightNight Full Spectrum CBN+CBD Oil contains 10mg per g of CBN, 30mg per g of CBD and no THC, creating a new way to experience the synergistic effects of CBN and CBD in a familiar 30ml tincture format. NightNight's CBN+CBD formulation is combined with pharmaceutical-grade MCT and terpenes, resulting in a full-spectrum functional oil ideal for nighttime use. All NightNight's CBN products are enhanced with CBD and other natural ingredients to create consumer-focused products of unparalleled quality and utility.

THC <0.01mg/g (Total THC <0.01mg/g) per activation <0.01mg/g

CBD 30mg/g (Total CBD 30mg/g) per activation 14.2mg/g

CBN 10mg/g (Total CBN 10mg/g) per activation 4.7mg/g