Wana: Quick Lemon Cream Gummies (Hybrid)

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Wana Quick Lemon Cream Hybrid Gummies combine sweet and sour to create a tangy, flavourful gummie. These gummies are handcrafted with pectin (never gelatin) for an elevated texture and enhanced with a hybrid blend featuring over 30 terpenes. Wana Quick Lemon Cream Hybrid Gummies are made using Azuca Time Infusion, a culinary innovation resulting in a potentially quicker onset and offset of effects.* Each gummie contains 5 mg of THC, with 2 gummies per package.

THC 5mg per unit (Total THC 10mg per pack)

CBD <1.0mg per unit (Total CBD <1.0mg per pack)

Equivalent to 0.6g of dried cannabis