Redees Hemp'd: Animal Rntz 10x0.4g Pre-Rolled (Hybrid (I))

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Animal Rntz is an indica-dominant strain that is the result of primarily crossing Animal CKS x Rntz. True to its lineage, Animal Rntz has a fruity tartness along with a sweet and sour aroma informed by high levels of caryophyllene, limonene, trans-ocimene and alpha bisabolol. Sporting dense tight buds, this potent strain achieves remarkable THC levels. Animal Rntz by Redecan is improved through conscientious care and attention given to each plant through every stage of growth and harvested at its peak, expertly cured and hand trimmed to ensure the highest level of quality. Now available in perfectly packed pre-rolls that are Redee to be enjoyed. Now rolled in hemp paper!

THC: 26-32%
CBD: <1%