Roilty: Roil Canadian Mint Vape Cartridge 1g (Hybrid)

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Roilty Introduces Roil Canadian Mint 1g Vape Cart: A hybrid menthol experience with terpene rich distillate. Roilty is focused on only producing top-notch cannabis concentrates. We don’t concern ourselves with any other cannabis products because we know that extracts reign supreme! Roilty 1g carts are a rich cannabis distillate with flavourful terpenes which influence each unique strain profile. Our Roil Canadian Mint is a breath of fresh air, with a minty pine coolness that will get your circulation going. perfectly paired with your morning, afternoon or evening high tea.

THC 853.6mg/g (Total THC 853.6mg/g)

CBD 2.5mg/g (Total CBD 2.5mg/g)

Equivalent to 4.0g of dried cannabis