San Rafael 71': Farm Gas 3.5g (Indica)

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The “high” starts during inhalation with a shift to a happy perspective.  Euphoric intensity increase immediately after inhalation with a purposeful intent.  A quick 10 minutes and our Senses get overwhelmed with joyful euphoric cerebral moments.  Farm Gas delivers multiple deep rich Expressions of Joyfulness, Sense of Excitement, Childlike Wonder and Euphoric Disengagement for a satisfying “high.”  Indica? Huh. Magical.

In the great outdoors, Farm Gas delivered a strong euphoric “high” that stands in the front of reality.  This is not a background Buzz.  Full of Euphoric Vigor, Farm Gas powered a potent euphoric wakeful and mindful “high” know as Wake & Bake.

THC 29%

CBD 0.1%