Shred'ems: Pink Lemonade Yuzu 2:1 THCV+THC (Sativa)

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Goodness gracious these Pink Lemonade Yuzu SHRED’ems hit the spot. All you need is a rocking chair and a wrap-around porch to complete the vibe (or not, you know what you like). What’s a Yuzu? Read a book! Just kidding it’s basically a small lemon, maybe a bit more tart. Trust us – it’s nice!

The added bonus is some THCV in this gummy at a 2:1 ratio for 20mg THCV & 10 mg THC per pack. THCV is a new powerhouse minor cannabinoid that provides a high-voltage SUPER SATIVA experience. And SHRED’s THCV is derived from whole flower – a strain called ‘Get S**t Done! – which means no artificial cannabinoids here pals!