Spinach Feelz: Tropical Diesel CBG (Chill Bliss) Infused Pre-Roll 3x0.5g (Hybrid)

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The rare and elusive cannabinoid combination and experience of THC+CBG is waiting for you. Get ready for a happy and relaxed high like no other with Spinach FEELZ™ Tropical Diesel CBG infused pre-rolls. These infused pre-rolls are dialed up with high-quality, high-potency, cold-filtered cannabis extract with an added boost of CBG. Experience tropical, citrusy flavours and aromas that are dialed all the way up with boosted terpenes. Spinach FEELZ™ Tropical Diesel CBG infused pre-rolls taste like pure bliss each and every session. Feelz. The Way You Want.

THC 32%

CBD <1%

CBG 50mg