Spinach: Fully Charged Party Pack Infused Pre-Rolls 3x0.5g (Hybrid)

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We’re throwing a party for your senses with our infused pre-roll multipack. The Spinach® Fully Charged Party Pack is a combination of nostalgic, sweet, and refreshing infused pre-rolls ready to turn up the volume at 40%+ Total THC per pre-roll thanks to the finest, cold-filtered, cannabis extract and confetti-like kief coating. Hop on the sugary sweet ride with Spinach® Fully Charged Cotton Dandy Kush, or taste the icy fresh flavours of Spinach® Fully Charged Rocket Icicle. And the party doesn’t have to stop when you’ve got a Spinach® Fully Charged Peach Punch in your back pocket either. Amp up the fun, flavour, and cannabis experiences with the Spinach® Fully Charged Party Pack, and make epic moments come to life. Kief Coated

Cotton Dandy Kush THC 40% CBD 0.1%
Rocket Icicle THC 40% CBD 0.1%
Peach Punch THC 40% CBD 0.2%

Contains the equivalent of 6g of dried cannabis.