Spinach: Fully Charged Tropical Pack Infused Pre-Rolls 3x0.5g (Hybrid)

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The good vibes never stop rolling in when you bring the Spinach® Fully Charged Tropical pack to your next session. Get refreshed with fruity, citrusy, and delightful infused pre-rolls, all thanks to our one-of-a-kind multi-pack. Infused with the finest, cold-filtered cannabis extract and kief coating. Quench your cannabis thirst with the zesty Fully Charged Pink Lemonade, or maybe grab your buds, throw on some tunes and light up two luscious pre-rolls with Fully Charged Strawberry Slurricane and Fully Charged Wavy Watermelon. The Spinach® Fully Charged Tropical Pack cooks like the sun on a hot day, clocking in at 40% THC per pre-roll.

Wavy Watermelon THC 40% CBD 0.1%
Strawberry Slurricane THC 40% CBD 0.2%
Pink Lemonade THC 40% CBD 0.2%

Contains the equivalent of 6g of dried cannabis.