Thinker x Ahlot: 24 J's For The Holidays Pre Rolled Advent Calendar 24x0.25g (Sativa & Indica)

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Thinker x AHLOT presents the new and improved "24 Js for the Holidays," a cannabis advent calendar featuring 24 x 0.25g pre-rolls across four cultivars, curated to turn your thoughts ON/OFF during the holiday season. 

6 x 0.25g Jack Herer (Sativa) THC 19.3%  CBD 0.07%

6 x 0.25g Dos-Z-Dos (Indica) THC 21.3%  CBD 0.04%

6 x 0.25g Pink Kush (Indica) THC 18.8%  CBD 0.07%

6 x 0.25g Candy Cane (Hybrid) THC 24.3%  CBD 0.04%

Equivalent to 6.0g of dried cannabis