Western Cannabis: Joel's Biscotti 3.5g (Sativa)

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Joel Campbell has been growing for over 30 years and his Biscotti is a hunted phenotype from all his years of hard work, a selected cross between Fresh Water Taffy x Biscotti Sundae, engulfed in the aromas of deliciously creamy, zesty-lime, and fuel inhale with a rich spicy exhale. Joel’s Biscotti is reminiscent of a lime peel blended with a wedding cake. Fresh Biscotti’s pheno has some great lineage including: Fruity Pebbles, Grape Pie, Gelato, Triangle Kush, Sunset Sherbet, and the Legendary Florida OG


THC 7.9mg/g (Total THC 274.2mg/g)

CBD 0.1mg/g (Total CBD 0.4mg/g)