Western Cannabis: Planet of the Grapes 3.5g (Hybrid) (S)

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The Western Cannabis selection of Planet of the Grapes (POTG) is a standout balanced sativa dominant hybrid phenotype from a crossing of the Ethos memberberry cut called "Grape Diamond" to a Chem lineage phenotype called "i95".

POTG is easily distinguished by the dense mauve colored flowers which are covered in a shimmering diamond coat of trichomes.  With an Intense aroma of grape kool-aid powder, this variety really lives up to its name.  The heavy sweet grape smells, produced from the dominate terpene combo of myrcene and farnesene, are accompanied by spikes of spicy pepper with a heavy presence of caryophyllene. The inhale reveals the same fruity and spicy notes, only they are a lot more obvious. You can expect a fruit punch-esque concoction mixed with grape and berry undertones. It’s sweet and a little tart, like a fruit pie.

The POTG strain is a great example of an evenly-balanced though very powerful hybrid. The THC content of this cannabis is very high – up to 27%. POTG's effects start with a slightly euphoric initial buzz that spreads throughout the body.  The sense of relaxation and happiness which flood the body makes stress melt away to a feeling of overwhelming calm. In higher doses this myrcene dominant cannabis leads to sedative effects and can induce sleepiness.  Overall POTG is a great choice for those looking to wind down and chill after a long day.

THC 7.1mg/g (Total THC 268.7mg/g)

CBD 0.01mg/g (Total CBD 0.5mg/g)