Wink: Secret Formula 3.5g (Hybrid)

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Wink: Secret Formula is a high THC, Indica-dominant hybrid flower that’s a cross between popular strains Do-Si-Do and White Fire #43. Boasting a high ~3.52% terpene content, the flower is indoor grown, hand-groomed, and sustainably grown in a purpose-built facility in Alberta. This strain was bred to combine the Kush characteristics of White Fire #43 with the sweet and earthy flavours of Do-Si-Do, creating a beautifully dense, ultra sticky, trichome-rich bud. Dominant terpenes include limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, so you can expect a delicious sour citrus and diesel aroma. Secret Formula is available in a 3.5g dried flower. 10% of the profits from all Wink products are donated back to homelessness and social services.

THC: 28.36%

CBD: 0.09%